Hi, I’m K. I’m an interdisciplinary artist, artist consultant, and avid fan of the multi-cam sit-com genre. I’m glad you’re here and hope to get to know you too!


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K. C. Pastore is an American writer and visual artist known for her powerful, technicolor portraits and perceptive observations of mystery and meaning in works of fiction and nonfiction.

Pastore grew up in New Castle, PA, a steel-city town just north of Pittsburgh. Her father, mother and three older brothers were all involved in the art world in one way or another. Her senior year in high school she began contracting work as an illustrator. While she studied for her B.A. in Applied Linguistics, Pastore attended various gallery exhibitions and events where she was asked to perform her signature “live-paintings” which slowly transformed into the interdisciplinary, collaborative performances that she devoted herself to during her graduate studies.

Pastore attained her Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary, where she wrote her master’s thesis on the use of Phenomenology and Theology in Literary Theory. She began writing film criticism and arts-focused editorial pieces for magazines and blogs including Converge Magazine, Fathom Magazine, and Lumindeo Studios. In 2017 Pastore graduated from Act One’s Hollywood Screenwriting Workshop in Los Angelos, CA where she finished writing her debut novel, Good Blood.

Alongside her academic career and creative life, Pastore has enjoyed working with artists of all genres. While functioning as the Director of Events at Joe’s Live in Chicago, IL, Pastore orchestrated visual exhibitions, readings and music performances. Her affection for serving emerging artists by getting their work into the public eye and for serving established artists by creating collaborative opportunities began to take root. For two years she served as the Head of Visual Arts for Eikon Artist Fellowship in Dallas, TX. With Eikon she presented lectures on arts-related academic work. She developed and marketed various lectures series, workshops and gallery displays. But, she most enjoyed working one-on-one with Eikon artists, helping them to hone their craft, visualize their passions and connect with opportunites where they can both grow in craftsmanship and character, and contribute to the community.

Currently Pastore works as an independent artist consultant—regularly taking on clients in search of artistic development and content creation. She travels to undertake speaking engagements and opportunities to mentor young artists.

Pastore lives, paints, and writes in New York City.