Ethics for Encountering Fictional Narrative: Based on Covenant Epistemology (available on Amazon)

Available Online

Flash Fiction:

Dear Wendy

On Humanity:

Planet of Sages—Perspectives on Disability and the Film ‘Notes on Blindness’ [Fathom Magazine]

On Film:

A Quiet Passion delivers Poetry to Screen Faux Pas [Lumindeo]

Netflix original asks about the after-life [Lumindeo]

“Will movie theaters die?” is the wrong question [Lumindeo]

5 Ways to Celebrate the Oscars [Lumindeo]

2 Film Magazines You Should Know About [Lumindeo]

Documentaries on U.S. Prison System & Syrian Civil War [Lumindeo]

Silence—A Christian’s Contemplative Guide [Lumindeo]

La La Land—Dazzling Punch of Imperfection [Lumindeo]

Rogue One—Can I trust this woman? [Lumindeo]

Film Festival? Here are 3 Reasons You Should Go Local [Lumindeo]

Dr. Strange—Scripting Comedy [Lumindeo]

Notes on Blindness—Film for the Common Good [Lumindeo]

The Birth of a Nation—Ideology Meets Action [Lumindeo]

Documentary Filmmaking Takes a Timely Twist [Lumindeo]

Hacksaw Ridge—Why you should see it [Lumindeo]

Ben-Hur—Why Jesus Failed [Lumindeo]

Florence Foster Jenkins—A Review [Lumindeo]

Hunt for the Wilderpeople—A Review [Converge Magazine]

On the Arts:

Christians at Sundance—on the Windrider Forum 2017 [Christianity Today, The Exchange]

Ministry on the Bookshelf [Christianity Today, The Exchange]

Facing the Critical Distance [Christianity Today, The Exchange]

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