Artist Consulting Services

What’s Up

If you are a visual artist, musician, writer, dancer or actor and need some help writing bios, arranging website content, pulling together personal statements etc. . . . well, then I’d love to help you out! I want to help translate your ideas into words in a way that is true to your vision and reader friendly. Shoot me an email and we can figure out a time to talk about your project. After our first meeting I’ll put together a quote. You sign. I sign. We begin our collaboration!


Client Testimonials

“I’ve been a photographer working in Brooklyn for the past five years and quickly crossing into making more conceptual work, which has led to having to write statements, image descriptions, interviews, and proposals. It’s easy for me to come up with ideas and generalize what I want to say, but I don’t have the ability to make it cohesive,  so I quickly enlisted K. to help. She was able to take my crazy scatter-brained thoughts and notes about abstract ideas and make it beautiful and digestible. It is so refreshing to be able to have the right words to ideas that have been swimming in my mind for months, and I am so incredibly thankful.”

Julia Hembree Smith, Photographer

“K’s approach to language mirrors her multidisciplinary art background — she shapes and molds it until her writing has a life of its own, without being overly self-conscious— just like her innovative performance art pieces. Her words speak directly to the subconscious and engage your imagination in a split second of reading. The way she juxtaposes simple and complex descriptions will stay with you and turn over in your mind long after you’ve read her work.”

— Rebecca Jeansen, Photographer, RJ Imagery