“And, certainly, to him Life itself was the first, the greatest, of the arts, and for it all the other arts seemed to be but a preparation.” – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


K. Pastore is a LA dwelling interdisciplinary artist and active alumna of Act One, Inc. She works in portraiture, performance, literature and film.

Pastore’s performance pieces have been showcased in Chicago and Dallas. Most celebrated, Life We Are In Death, written and directed by Pastore, constructed a theatrical narrative in conjunction with an experimental art installation. Pastore led numerous lectures and events with the Eikon Artist Fellowship while serving as Head of Visual Arts. Her lecture topics included: inter-artist collaboration, phenomenological studies for the visual arts, and literary theory from the Psalms.

Pastore’s film critique and anthro-essays have been published in Lumindeo, Converge, Christianity Today and Fathom Magazine. She is currently writing a novel: Good Blood, and working in development for a sit-com: Group Therapy.



Faces—K. Pastore, Painter [Fathom Magazine]